Mona King

"Choreography by Mona King, the show engaged and moved...."

"Among others scoring higher points were Mona King's 'Housewife', was convincing - with kids, laundry, dishes, walking the dog, shopping, trying to lose weight, picking things up -
"all it is, is just my life...what I do is out of fashion."

Gordon Durich, Agoura Hills Patch

"Some of the best moments in the show involve workers who are trapped in mundane, unglamorous jobs. This includes housewife Kate Rushton played by Mona King...."

Cary Ginell, The Acorn

"First in the spotlight on nailing a Mona King as Mrs. Tottendale....who plays the role in a delightful daze, as the lady doesn't quite remember what she's doing or why everyone is rushing around."

Rita Moran, Ventura County Star

"The funniest instance takes place after a spit take by uppity socialite Mrs. Tottendale (winningly played by Mona King channeling the ditzy Georgia Engel, who created the role on Broadway)."

Cary Ginell, Thousand Oaks Acorn

"Mona King is heavenly as Buttercup", Don Grigware

"Poor Little Buttercup (Mona King) has become an alien form of life, a quirky, vocally adept treat, even in alien form.", Steven Stanley

"King also paints a hilarious portrait of a dissatisfied suburban housewife who slathers her issues with a patina of smiles, kisses and small talk."

L.A. Weekly

"Mona King is terrific as the confused Patience"

Cary Ginell, Thousand Oaks Acorn

"The banished fairy Iolanthe was radiantly played by Mona King"

Cary Ginell, Thousand Oaks Acorn

"King bolsters her simple milkmaid with a funny country, maybe Irish, accent and wide-eyed wonder, while practically skipping her way through the high soprano challenges of the role."

Rita Moran, Ventura County Star

"This is a lady who knows how to do many things at once, and do them exceptionally well."

Penny Levin, Entertainment Spotlight, Showbiz Magazine

"The opening number by Mona King about her life in (and love of) her minivan sets the tone of the show perfectly."

West LA Early Childhood Examiner, S. Gandhi

"As most of the stories told in Expressing Motherhood.....some are told with great humor, like Mona King's witty ode to her minivan....their stories remind us what all parents, regardless of marital or socioeconomic status, have in common."

LA Single Parenting Examiner, A. McCaffery

Vocal Students

"You're one of the people I give thanks to know. I really appreciate the wonderful service you're doing for me in lifting my spirits and bringing back hope in my voice."

Tiffany, Adult Student with subglottic tracheal stenosis and surgical laryngotracheoplasty patient

"I have learned a lot this year about my voice and its capability and I thank you for your help and guidance in taking my voice to a new level."

Bailey, student
Spotlight Top 10 Finalist

"Thank you for all you have taught me over these past few years, and for pushing me and reminding me of the importance of music in my life. Thank you for opening up the world of Opera and for tolerating my lack of discipline so gently. Thank You."

Veronica, student

"I want to thank you for all you have done for me in the past few years. I cannot thank you enough for all the knowledge and life lessons you have taught me."

Emily, student

"Thank you! I thought they were two of the best songs she had ever performed."
"Thank you again for your teaching, guidance, and mentoring of Bailey."

Debbie, mother of student